Hosting? What’s the best?

By @luisApril 29, 2020No Comments

The bane of all websites is bad hosting. Twitter is filled with people complaining about bad hosting, bad customer service, website downtime, hidden fees. You name it.

Picking the right hosting company at the very beginning is crucial for your websites success. The last thing you want to do is move a website with years of history.

Is it all about the price?

Low prices have a way of swaying people when its decision time. Low prices should never be the main focus when picking a hosting provider. Pay attention to these items:

Monthly Visits – How many people will be visiting your site? If more people visit your site then your plan allows the hosting company will slow down your visits.

Disk Space – This is the amount of storage your site can hold. If you have tons of photos or blogs with photo and video you will go through this fast.

SSL – This is important as Google favors sites that have an SSL certification. Some places will charge you anywhere from $3 up to $180. Some though give them out for free with hosting.

Backups – The most important thing. Make sure you are hosted with a place that does regular backups of your data. Again some places make this an upcharge while some make this a free feature. Choose wisely it may end up costing you a lot more if you lose your data.