WordPress? Huh?

let's clear it up for you

When it comes to a website you have tons of elements to think about and it can become overwhelming very fast.

So here is a basic breakdown of WordPress and what you will need to know before getting started.


think of it as your sites operating system

WordPress has two versions available for people to use. The first version is WordPress.com and it is the simplest one. You don’t have to worry about hosting at all. Your site is hosted on WordPress.com but it does have issues.

You have to be on the most expensive plan in order to be able to upload any plugin that is not in their directory. You won’t be able to upload any theme that you purchase elsewhere.

Now with WordPress.org you don’t have any limitations because you are only paying for hosting. Depending on the host you have you don’t even have to look into WordPress.org because it will be preinstalled. Simple.

Step 1


The very first thing you will want is your domain. A domain is the address people will type when getting to your website.

You can register your domain at places like Namecheap or GoDaddy but you can find so many if you try Google.

Prices vary anywhere from $3 up to about $12 per year. It needs to be renewed yearly.

Step 2


After you have your domain you will need a place to point it. Hosting is where your site will live. Picking the wrong host will sour the whole experience.

The key is to find one that specializes in WordPress like self-hosted WP that will make the process run smoother. Pay attention to visit counts, storage, and if an SSL is included.

Step 3


This is the fun part once you have a domain and hosting is set up you get to bring your site to life. Places like Themeforest offer thousands of premium themes to choose from.

Find the one that fits your needs. Prices range from $20 up to $80 per theme. Themeforest Authors typically offer amazing support after purchase.

Step 4


Once the previous 3 steps have been completed you can start creating your pages, blogs, and any other items your site needs.

You can find tons of sites that offer free images, videos, or plugins if needed.

If you need help with content places like Fiverr offer freelancers willing to help.